Freedom Ceramic Wood Porcelain Floor Tiles is a naturally sturdy product. Our tiles need zero maintenance, cleaning, or sealing. Unlike hardwood tiles prone to cracks and stains, Porcelain tile flooring wood look is made with ultra-modern printing technology that converts them into super strong and highly durable products. Our tiles resemble real natural hardwood and are made with different knots and swirls, lines and rings, hues, and warm shades. 

We are the leading Wood Porcelain Floor tiles manufacturer, delivering aesthetic wood porcelain tile flooring at affordable prices. Unlike hardwood flooring which can be highly expensive and prone to damage, our wood-like porcelain floor tiles give a natural appearance and are so easy to maintain and clean. 

Why Choose Freedom Ceramic Wood Porcelain Floor Tiles?

  • We offer hyper-realistic wood effect porcelain floor tiles with warm shades of natural wood that mimic the real-life variations in patterns found in real wood.
  • Unlike real hardwood, our tiles do not require any sealing against water. They are naturally water resistant and do not warp in winter or accrue damp and black mould.
  • Another benefit of Porcelain wood tile flooring is that it won’t hold a stain and needs simple cleaning methods with one wipe. Whereas natural woods get quickly stained with spills and splashes.
  • Real wood flooring tiles need special cleaning methods. However, our wood porcelain floor tiles need no sealing and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or antibacterial wipes.
  • We provide wood-like porcelain floor tiles with everlasting colors and shine of porcelain that do not fade over time.
  • Highly cost-effective as compared to buying hardwood flooring tiles.
  • We produce an incredibly versatile range of tiles that bring in calmness, and rustic charm of natural wood, and restore your lost energies. 
  • Our tiles can be used in any room of your choice as we manufacture for all sorts of architecture.
  • We create eco-friendly wood-like porcelain floor tiles that help the environment and prevent the cutting down of trees each year used for flooring. 

Where should you install Porcelain Wood Tile Flooring?

  • Use it in bathrooms due to its anti-slip properties and waterproofness. Also, it adds luxury and avoids dampness and slippage.
  • For kitchen flooring to enhance traditional aesthetic and to give a more modern and minimalist look to kitchen style.
  • They can be used in living rooms to add flexibility to your space, 
  • You can give your bedroom a luxurious, rich look with vivid hues and shades of porcelain wood-like floor tiles.
  • Living rooms look bigger and spacious with longer-format tiles and boards. Wood porcelain floor tiles with lighter shades and colors will add a neutral tone to your space.
  • For outdoor spaces, these tiles can be used for patios, party areas, planters, poolsides, and pathways. 

Elevate your space with visually graceful, luxurious, and durable wood porcelain floor tiles from Freedom Ceramic. Our diverse range of tiles will help you give a warmer and more relaxing look to your living spaces. Check out our collection to get your dream wood-like porcelain floor tiles. Browse through our diverse collection today!

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