Are you planning to raise the standards of your interior decor or build a new project for your home or office? Porcelain floor tiles are the most mesmerizing and exclusive choice. They have stunning designs, colors, and patterns that reflect joy and elegance, giving serenity to your space. Whether you want to hold high-end parties for your office colleagues or wish to spend time with loved ones, decorating your favorite space with porcelain floor tiles allures charm. 

Freedom Ceramic is the most admired Porcelain Floor Tiles manufacturer in India, offering a stunning collection of Porcelain Floor tiles. We have a proven track record of providing 100% customer satisfaction using our Porcelain Floor Tiles.

How We Make Porcelain Floor Tiles?

We mix refined white clay, kaolin, feldspar, and quartz with vivid color pigments. After thoroughly blending them, the mixture is dried and powdered. The powdered mixture is given extreme pressure, giving it a tile shape. Further, the tiles are printed through inkjet printers to give different textures, patterns, and designs. Next, they are glazed with a moisture-resistant shiny liquid. Lastly, they go through a baking process, heating them to an extremely high temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius in the kiln. When all the moisture evaporates, the soft clay transforms into a hard tile instilling properties like durability, non-porous, and sturdiness. They are moved out of the kiln and kept to cool down. Further, they are given a last polish to convert them into high glossy finish tiles, which further are cut into final shapes. 

Top Benefits of Freedom Ceramic Porcelain Floor Tiles

  • Durable and strong enough to withstand environmental changes
  • Easy to clean and maintain through sweeping and wiping
  • Highly resistant to moisture preventing chances of growing moulds and bacteria
  • Best fit for high-traffic areas and prevents cracking and chipping
  • Available in a variety of options, designs, and colors.
  • Anti-skid properties to avoid slippery floors
  • Need to learn DIY techniques for installation. Professional help is needed here.

Where to Use Porcelain Floor Tiles

  • For kitchens to decorate floors, backsplashes, and countertops. 
  • For bathrooms to avoid moisture development and accumulation of mould and mildew
  • For living rooms to enhance the interiors and improve aesthetics
  • For hallways to make the space attractive and warm.
  • For decorating outdoor spaces lille balconies, terraces, swimming pools, and gardens
  • For commercial places like office buildings because of their resilient nature and vivid range of colors and designs.

From cooking to eating, entrance to removing your shoes, formal spaces to leisure space, bathrooms to bedtime, and outdoor to offices, Porcelain Floor tiles have come a long way. Freedom Ceramic has all types of materials to create an exceptional look for any space with the best quality Porcelain floor tiles. In addition, our high glossy GVT/PGVT tiles of Porcelain have unmatchable characteristics and features that many of our clients admire. Consider decorating and illuminating your lovely space with our timeless Porcelain Floor Tiles. Contact us today.

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