The aura of your parking lot must reflect elegance, indulgence, and sturdiness. Your parking spot is nothing less than giving the first impression to the visitors of your home or commercial space. Especially your home parking tiles must elevate the look of your parking space. 

Freedom Ceramic is a well-established Parking Tiles manufacturer, providing exclusive parking tile designs in numerous ranges and patterns. Whether it is your outdoor porch or a huge parking space, we make our parking tiles with great perfection and utmost care. Empowered with the most advanced technologies, we offer the most durable, robust, and easy-to-maintain parking tiles. Besides home, if you need outdoor parking tiles for a mall, hospital, school, factory, or any such commercial place, Freedom Ceramic parking tiles provide promising quality and durability.

Top Features of Freedom Ceramic Parking Tiles

  • High durability to withstand heavy loads, environmental impact, and more traffic.
  • Prevents accidents due to its slip-resistant quality and textured surfaces
  • Resistant to stains and easy to clean and maintain
  • Low maintenance is needed to keep them looking good and clean.
  • UV resistant and can withstand prolonged sunlight exposure
  • Flexible installation with modern interlocking systems
  • Alkali resistant, keeping them durable for a long time
  • Diverse range of patterns and designs
  • Can withstand extreme climatic conditions like rain, snow, and high temperatures
  • Made out of sustainable materials to promote eco-friendly practices

Types of Parking Tiles Offered by Freedom Ceramic

Outdoor Parking Vitrified Tiles

Our outdoor parking tiles are more sturdy, resilient, and durable. They can withstand any kind of weather conditions. We make these tiles from granite, limestone, and quartzite. They are more often fully-vitrified tiles that can be used for commercial parking lots. We also provide tailored skid resistance for sloppy parking spaces.

Porcelain Tiles

They are highly durable, stain resistant, and need lower maintenance. They are available in numerous designs and enhance the aesthetic appeal of parking areas. We provide these tiles in a variety of designs and patterns.

Ceramic Tiles

Our Ceramic tiles are available in a diverse range of colors and designs. They suit your outdoor parking spaces, making them aesthetic and elegant. 

Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles for parking spaces are also convenient due to exclusive properties. They provide excellent traction and are highly secured. In addition, they are easy to maintain and have different colors and designs. 

Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking tiles are easy to install and provide great stability. These tiles are mostly used for outdoor parking spots and driveways because of their exceptional strength and capacity to withstand heavy traffic. 

Stone Tiles

Stone parking tiles are made from granite or marble. They offer an elegant look and are known for their durable features. Mostly used for parking areas, stone tiles can bear heavy footfalls and traffic.

Brick Tiles

Brick tiles provide a rustic and classic look to various parking areas. They can easily maintained and due to their unique features, they can used for commercial and residential parking spaces. 

Choose Freedom Ceramic’s Top Quality Parking Tiles

We have been the eminent parking tiles manufacturer in Morbi and India for a decade. Over the years we have mastered delivering the best quality parking tiles for commercial and residential spaces. Freedom Ceramic provides an exceptional range of parking tiles that come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. Contact us to learn more about our products.

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