To find the right kind of bathroom tiles, you must focus more on your requirements. There are thousands of choices in shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Finding the best option can be intimidating and time-consuming if you do not decide your preferences. Bathroom Porcelain Floor tiles are preferable nowadays as they are easy to clean and remain presentable for a long time.

However, that is not enough, as the blog aims to help you know different ways you can practice choosing appropriate bathroom tiles. 

How do you choose the perfect bathroom tiles?

Find your best tile option

While deciding on your bathroom floor or wall tiles, make sure you know your preferences and the type of tiles you want. If you have decided to stick with the whites, choose unique designs in different white shades. And if you need a unique and distinctive colored tile, go for fancy designs and patterns that add grace and visual appeal to your bathroom.

Try something different and bright

Bathroom floor tiles should be more durable than wall tiles. However, you can select vibrant and bright shades instead of dull colors. There are wood-effect tiles that give a worn-in appearance to the bathroom floor. On the other hand, wanting to keep it simple in black and white to give a checkerboard look, mosaic tiles can provide such intriguing patterns. Overall, your tiles must give a seamless appearance, ensuring walls and floor synergize. Even bathroom porcelain floor tiles have numerous options you can choose from.

Mind the size 

Large tiles for small bathrooms will make your bathroom much smaller and compact. Try implementing newer possibilities by using smaller bathroom tiles that are visually appealing. It may take some more time, but this will transform the look of your bathroom. 

Choose soothing shades

Choosing the best color option must be done as early as possible. The reason to avoid fuss when choosing bathroom floor tiles is to consider convenience and comfort more than having fancy tiles just to grab users’ attention. Moreover, you must consider your family bathroom must be kid-friendly, brighter, and should have primary shades. Using fashionable color themes may look better only if you do not have an older couple or kids at home. 

Consider maintenance

The bathroom floor will be the most moist place in the home. So choose porcelain tiles or bathroom ceramic tiles as they need less maintenance. Cleaning up tubs and showers frequently is always a pain. Instead using natural stone shades can lessen this burden. Stone shades have larger pores and they tend to retain grime for a long period. You can even use stone on the floor or in a less humid place. 

Choose the right material

Ceramic and Glazed vitrified tiles are known for durability and design options. Moreover, these tiles gather fewer bacteria and odors and are resistant to stains, dampness, and scratches. Hence, it can become a fantastic choice for washrooms that have plenty of traffic. Moreover, porcelain tiles or vitrified tiles have more variety of hues and patterns. They have the best features that make the tiles durable and affordable. 

Finishing matters

From all the kinds of tile options that you may look at, it is recommended to choose tiles that have either textured finish or matt-finish tiles. Tiles inspired by nature will beautify your bathroom. There are a variety of options here such as slate, effect tiles, travertine, marble effect tiles, or real stone tiles. You can choose a combination of textures with natural wood tones to get an invigorating result. For wall tiles, you can choose glossy finishes and glass tiles material that reflect more light. You can use the same tiles on the floor with an anti-slip coating.


To conclude, this short guide will help you understand several nuances to be considered when choosing bathroom floor tiles. Besides the above factors, you can research various bathroom tile ideas. Freedom Ceramic is the leading Porcelain Floor tiles manufacturer, facilitating hundreds of clients with a diverse range of bathroom floor and wall tiles. We can guide you on how to choose bathroom tiles and can help you work out each step along the way. Visit our website or talk to our experts today!


Is it necessary to choose dark bathroom floor tiles?

It is not necessary to choose dark shades for your bathroom floor tiles over wall tiles. However, making the right color choices and patterns can give a visual appeal to your bathroom. Moreover, it depends on the choices and preferences of the user. If you choose the same color tiles for walls and floors, they will help your bathroom space look larger.

Do I need to match the color of the bathroom floor tiles with the rest of the house?

Maybe you can match the print of the tile. However, we recommend not to use polished or glossy finish tiles for bathroom flooring. They do not have an anti-slip coating. To maintain uniformity in colors with the rest of the house will make your home appear seamless and beautiful. All you need to ensure that your bathroom tiles have slip-resistant texture. For that, you need to use matt-finish tiles that have anti-skid properties.

What kind of tile sizes can help your bathroom look bigger?

Bathroom floor tile size is a very important factor that should be considered while selecting. Larger tiles will help your bathroom look more spacious and will change the aesthetics. While smaller tiles will keep your bathroom looking warm and cozy.