Does it feel overwhelming to decide how to design your small bathroom? Do you still need someone to guide you on which looks better: small or big tiles? Then you are quite lucky to be on this page. That is what we will focus on in this blog. Small spaces are there in every house. It can be a minuscule bathroom, reading room, or any tiny nook that can be your favorite corner. 

We are here to help you make an informed decision and create a lovely space for you and your family. Of all the small things you cherish in your home, choosing suitable tiles for your small bathroom is an important decision you must make. This is because tile size creates an impact on the space perception. Larger tiles create the illusion of spaciousness while small tiles make the place look more cosy. So which do you want? There are many other aspects you must consider. So let us begin.

Know the impact tile size makes 

Finding the right size of bathroom tiles directly impacts aesthetics and space functionality. It is not just about the bathroom, however, in general, tile size can change the space perceptions. When you choose small tiles for a small bathroom, it will make you feel cozy and intimate. Choosing bathroom tiles from Freedom Ceramic is so easy as we know how to help you navigate the right choice, considering how can tile size variations impact the look and feel of your bathroom space. From the range of small bathroom tiles, we have often delivered Porcelain tiles matt finish to our customers. 

Big tiles are appealing

Big tiles are currently in trend for a valid reason. Large tiles give numerous benefits such as creating larger space illusions and enhancing the overall look. They have minimum grout lines and give a seamless appearance, making small bathrooms look spacious and modern. Moreover, big tiles are easy to maintain and are mostly chosen for busy households. You can explore the Porcelain Tiles – Matt range in large size at Freedom Ceramics and get the tiles of your choice. 

Small tiles shine and are unique

Bathroom tiles like mosaics are small and add a unique charm to a bathroom. They add depth, texture, and visual interest to your space. Small bathroom tiles are best fit to create unique patterns and designs reflecting personality and flair. You can also consider creating a featured wall or accent area with small tiles in your bathroom. 

Consider installation process

Small and big tiles have different installation processes. So while making a decision, check out the steps and precautions involved. Large tiles need more surface level and need care while cutting and handling. Small tiles are easy to handle, however, they take more time to install due to size. Flooring your bathroom needs proper installation as it is the key to a successful bathroom, giving the right picture that you have in your mind. You can follow the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek professional advice. 

Mixing and matching is good enough

Thinking out of the box sometimes works! Why put a boundary to choosing only one type of tile size for your bathroom? You can create a stunning and exclusive bathroom even by mixing and matching both types of tiles. You can combine different tile sizes and play with textures and patterns that give a unique visual appeal. This idea can turn your bathroom into an attractive and dynamic space. For example, you can use large bathroom tiles for flooring and walls to make it more spacious. And small tiles can be installed on a featured wall to add a splash of personality. You can even use small tiles to define your shower area or border, contrasting with larger tiles.

Shape of the Tiles

Big tiles or small tiles, in both cases the shape of the tiles also matters. For example, rectangular tiles give a fabulous look to your bathroom. You can install them vertically or horizontally. Even square tiles in large sizes can offer versatility in small bathroom spaces. With large square tiles, you can do customized installations like placing them diagonally and choosing a polished, glossy, or matt look. 

Which is the best fit for your bathroom: small or big tiles?

While you decide between big and small tiles, there are various other factors that you must consider like style, maintenance, space availability, etc. Moreover, you must also consider your personal preference and the entire design of your home while making a decision.  To be precise, there are no universal rules for choosing tile sizes for small bathrooms. Large tiles can expand your bathroom space as it has a limited number of joints. The only thing to consider is the composition to prevent unsightly cuts. While in small tiles, prefer choosing dynamic patterns and designs that give a neat and aesthetic look, beautifying your bathroom space.


Selecting the right bathroom tile for your small bathroom is tricky and needs enough knowledge and research. To create a perfect bathroom atmosphere, you must look at the unique advantages they have and understand how they can work for your bathroom, keeping in mind your preferences and choice, leading to a harmonious and stylish look. 

Freedom Ceramics is a leading Porcelain Floor Tiles manufacturer and we have a proven track record of delivering a diverse range of top-quality bathroom tiles that can cater to your preferences and needs. Whether you need big or small tiles or a combination of both for your small or big bathroom, we have your back. Just visit us at or talk to our experts today!


What are the benefits of using small tiles in a small bathroom?

Small tiles like mosaics create a nice texture and detailing to a small bathroom. They create intricate patterns and are easy to install yet time-consuming. Moreover, small tiles provide better slip resistance and are considered safer for wet areas.

Is it difficult to install big tiles in a small bathroom?

Installing big tiles in a bathroom is more difficult than installing small tiles. You need to work around its corners or fixtures to make it look neat. Hence, a lot of care and precision are needed to ensure it gives a seamless look. On the other side, large tiles need less grout and are simple to clean and maintain.

Can I design my small bathroom by combining big and small tiles?

Sure you can. Combining big and small tiles provides interesting and dynamic designs. For example, you can use large tiles on the main floor and mosaic tiles in the shower or backsplash to give a visual appeal. All you need is to take care of the balance and proposition to give a seamless and harmonious look.