While entering a home, the first steps you take are greeted by the expansiveness of the floor spread in front of your eyes. Flooring makes the first impression of a home. You can change or transform decor, wall colors, or furniture over time. However, floor tiles last longer and cannot be changed due to a time-consuming process that may bring inconvenience once you settle down. So why make haste while choosing your floor tiles? 

Choosing between marbles and tiles is quite an old debate that may never end. Our ongoing effort through this blog is to help you identify the major differences between these two options. Be it your bathroom, kitchen, or whole home, you must know the best option that matches your requirements. Especially, when it comes to choosing the best material, tiles and marble stand out due to their charming and radiating features. So let us dive into the qualities, factors, and disadvantages to help you decide the best options for your upcoming project.

Marble vs. Tiles


Marble flooring gives an exclusive and classy appearance. It is best known for its varied patterns and unique display qualities such as veining. On the other hand, tile flooring presents a uniform appearance. Marble is a natural product while tiles are manufactured with rigorous procedures. Marble is natural and stronger but porous at the same time. 


Marble has extraordinary durability and is a good choice for commercial spaces. However, marble flooring needs care and cautiousness as it demands frequent sealing to keep up with its luster and to avoid damage. On the contrary, tiles provide exceptional durability, they are scratch-proof and unblemished. Tiles are made of solid materials that can maintained easily, can withstand heavy foot traffic, and are less likely to get damaged.


Marble flooring needs regular maintenance and routine upkeep. They are highly sensitive to acidic materials and need regular cleaning to avoid scratches. To maintain glossy texture and shine, marble needs cleaners to avoid moisture and stains. Tiles on the other hand need low maintenance as tiles can mimic other tiles like marble and plain finish. They are resistant to blemishes and do not need any sealing treatment. With regular sweeping, tiles remain shiny, glossy, and clean as ever. 


Marble has a unique texture and unique beauty. They are distinctive due to their natural ability to appear stunning and extraordinary. Whereas, the tile quality depends on the materials used and the production process. Different tiles have different qualities and features based on their manufacturing process. 


Since marble is purely natural, they are costlier than tile flooring. Marble needs a careful installation process and its costs include extraction and shipment as well. Tiles have varied options and hence they have different prices. The most popular range of tiles are porcelain tiles, GVT/PGVT tiles, and ceramic tiles which are less expensive than marble flooring. Porcelain tiles are available in numerous designs and provide a marble-like appearance. 

Design, Variations, Style

Marble flooring gives a traditional appearance to your home. It can have different finishes such as polished, textured, or honed surfaces. Due to its natural availability, there are fewer designs available. Whereas, tile flooring has numerous options to choose from. For example, matte finish and glossy finish. Matte finish provides a modern appearance and symbolizes calmness and tranquility. Glossy tiles reflect immense light and give a sleek expression. In addition, many other tile flooring options can be mimicked by using porcelain floor tiles such as subway, wood-look, mosaic tiles, and much more.


Marble is heavier and more delicate than tiles. They need a careful installation process by skilled experts. Marble flooring needs proper fitting and guarding from damage while installation. Tiles are available in varieties such as ceramic, natural stone, and porcelain. In addition, each of them has numerous patterns, shades, designs, and sizes you can choose from. They are simpler to cut and install than marble tiles. 

When to Use

Use marble flooring when you want to give a luxurious look to your living space. If there are formal living rooms, spacious entrances, or expensive bathrooms, marble flooring will be a perfect fit. For higher traffic fall spots or outdoors where flooring tends to get damaged, you can use tile flooring. This is because tiles are versatile, and more durable than marble and you get a wide range of options. Tiles flooring can also be used for outdoor and indoor spaces due to its easy maintenance, durability, and moisture resistance. 

Head-to-Head Comparison

CompositionMade of porcelain material, vitrified or natural stonesIt is extracted from natural metamorphic rock
Stain resistanceMost of them are stain-resistantSealing is required to prevent stains
Finish They have numerous choices in finishesEither polished or textured
PorosityLess porous and depends on the kind of material usedGreat porosity and likely to get stained by liquids
Eco-friendlyThey are sustainableThey are environment friendly as they are naturally extracted
WastageInstallation process may create some wastageHigher chances of more wastage due to reshaping and cutting


Both marble and tiles have unique characteristics and applications. If you want to give your home a regal and elite look to your home, marble flooring is the best option. However, if you want a contemporary and arty home, tile flooring is suitable in several aspects such as cost, options in colors and designs, patterns, and shades. The final decision is up to you based on your requirements. Freedom Ceramics is a well-known Porcelain Floor tiles manufacturer in India we have a diverse collection of tiles for your home, office, or any other living space. We are the leading GVT/PGVT tiles manufacturer worldwide and are known for providing high-quality and durable tile flooring options. Visit our website www.freedomceramic.com to know more about our products. Let us beautify your home together!


Which is better marble or tiles?

Marble and tiles both have their own pros and cons. It totally depends on your end-use and aesthetic goals. Tiles are recyclable and non-toxic. They are safely processed. Marbles are mined and extracted. Marbles give a royal and luxurious feel. Hence, it depends on your budget and personal choice while deciding between marbles and tiles.

Are tiles more expensive than marble?

Marble is more expensive than tiles. Marble is a natural stone and is extracted from mines. Floor tiles can cost as low as Rs. 30 per square foot while marble flooring can cost anywhere between Rs. 250 per square foot. 

Which is more durable marble or tiles?

Differentiating between marble and tiles in terms of durability, marbles win. This is because tiles are resistant to moisture and do not absorb liquid. They are stain-resistant and durable. Whereas marble is a natural stone and has porosity, and hence can handle high-volume traffic, making it stronger and more durable than tile.