Whenever you are trying to add the latest flooring options, dealing with the best tiles is a necessity. Knowing what is best and trendiest in the market is a necessity. Right now, vitrified tiles are booming in popularity and we at Freedom Tiles, would like to offer you with some of the best variations available.

Being your leading 800×800 gvt/pgvt manufacturer, we are ready to explore all the available options under Glazed vitrified tiles and Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles. Each one holds specified features and characteristics, and we will help you by getting introduced in this new world to make the right choice when the time comes.

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Variety of tiles available in 800 x 800 GVT/PGVT:

We know you are looking for some of the best quality vitrified tiles from our 80×80 cm gvt/pgvt tiles manufacturer and are willing to invest some of your hard-earned money on it. So, we are all set to offer you with variety of tiles, available within your pre-set budget plans. Check out the list we have mentioned below, just to get a glimpse of what we have in store.

  • 133 D R1: Known for its matte look and version, this particular model has a light-colored base to it with darker freckles to add more beauty to the final item.
  • Affulance Bianco R1: In case you are looking for a grayish-colored tile with natural-looking lines and patterns of the grains, then this one is the right choice for you.
  • AGASIYA GRIS_1: Another lighter version of glazed and polished vitrified tile, this one is perfect with golden streaks in between. It helps in adding a touch of luxury to the final look.
  • AGATHA P1: If you are looking for a darker color of the vitrified tiles, then this one with strikes of lighter brown and white will be a great call to venture into right away!

Available finishes in 800 x 800 GVT/PGVT:

There are basically two finishes that you can get from our 32×32 inch gvt tiles manufacturer. Not just for GVT, but even for PGVT, we have the same variations to work on. Those are Glossy and Matte. Learning about these tiles beforehand is important before you can make the right choice with them.

Glossy tiles: 

  • These tiles are perfect for making even the smallest of rooms looks bigger and widespread.
  • The outcome will be quite similar to that of adding mirror to give an illusion of a bigger space.
  • The light reflection helps in opening up a space and trick the eye into making the room appear wider and more open than what it actually is.
  • These gloss tiles are perfect choice for bathrooms, hallways, box rooms and more, which are typically narrower and smaller.

Matte tiles:

  • Even though matte tiles might lack the shiny appeal, there is a better traction than glossy ones with these options.
  • For the higher traffic space which remains in contact with water, steam, and humidity, matte tiles will offer the non-slip option.
  • So, spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and hallways will find an extra benefit with the matte GVT or PGVT tiles.
  • Matte tiles are also known to better conceal the stains, smudges and dried water droplets.
  • These tiles won’t need frequent cleaning like the glossy ones. And when you give them a cleanup, there is no need to be vigilant for soap and water marks.

Whether you are looking for the glossy or the matte version, our 800×800 gvt tiles manufacturer is here with the best and unique choices for you to give out a try now!

We sell the best in 800 x 800 GVT/PGVT:

The best part about Freedom Tiles is that we offer some of the best collections of 800 x 800 GVT or PGVT tiles for you to give out a try. Once you have chosen us, there is no looking back, because we have checked each tile for its quality, before dispatching the final results to the clients. Some of the favorable ones are:


The main difference between this particular model and the other tiles we have is the flawless beige shade that you get with the tiles. The base is of light beige with white lines running in between the space. The glossy texture of the tiles will give that luxurious look to the place where you plan to place these tiles.

 ALASKA White p1:

If you are looking for a smooth and white colored tile with a touch of glossy feel to it, then this model from our side will be a quick note to invest some bucks in.

 Albania Beige Birju Bhai R1:

For a rustic yet glossy look to a vitrified tile, this beige colored one is always the right call for you to address now. The whiter base with beige touchups in the middle is a good call.

 ALFA Silver R1:

Another interesting option under glossy vitrified tiles will be the ALFA-Silver one. As understood from the name, these tiles will have a silver hue to them!

Our company also manufactures a variety of sizes for GVT and PGVT:

Even though our 800 x 800mm is always the prime choice when it comes to GVT and PGVT tiles, but that’s not all. We are proud to add some of the extra features within the field of GVT and PGVT tiles these days. Some of those are:

Why do we stand out from the competition?

Even with a tougher competition, nothing can beat the importance of Freedom Tiles while looking for vitrified tiles. In order to help our clients, we have a wider range of tile designs and sizes to work with. Our floor tiles are stain resistant and durable. That makes them less prone to damages and scratches and will increase the lifespan too.