Freedom Ceramic is justifiably at the top of the Indian tile industry, and a large part of this success can be attributed to its unwavering dedication to its clients and to its long-term aim of becoming a recognized global brand. The 600 x 1200 porcelain tiles are one of the most popular products in our catalogue, because of their dimensions which are adaptable for nearly any décor.
Freedom Ceramics follows a meticulous and exacting production procedure in creating tiles 600 x 1200 size. They guarantee all the tiling contains every intrinsic attribute of a top-notch floor tile in addition to the distinguishing features of the brand that give them uniqueness.

Series of tiles available in 600 x 1200 Floor tiles

The floor tiles 1200 x 600 or the 24 x 48 inch floor tiles are perfectly manufactured tiles that fit flawlessly into any space. Our 600 x 1200 tiles are offered in 3 different series, they are:

1. Marble Series

Marble Series

Our 1200 x 600 porcelain slabs are available in a variety of finishes and the Marble series showcases the finest of porcelain tiles in a Marble look and finish. These marble-looking porcelain tiles are not marble-look-alike but are perfectly imitative in their grains and textures that give them a very rustic and organic appeal.

Offered in many different shades and colors, such as brown, natural stones, beige, white, ivory, and many more. The 1200 x 600 marble tiles series offers a great variety of marble textured tiles that are far more than the original natural marble.

 2. Carving Series

Carving Series

The natural veins that run through our Carving series offer a great variety of 2×4 ft floor tiles. The veining and the textures provide them a more rustic appeal that makes them unique and perfect for a contemporary home.

The 2×4 floor tiles in the Carving Series are a mesmerizing and imaginative collection of porcelain tiles and are a touch above the competing designs because of their sheer durability and quality.

 3. Wooden Series

Wooden Series

The wooden series hosts a plethora of wooden look 60×120 cm floor tiles. These floor tiles are perfectly manufactured to imitate the look and feel of any kind of wood. The graphics and the grains are achieved through an extensive development phase supported by our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

A great choice for interiors or even exteriors where customers may want a more natural ambiance or even have a wish for hardwood floors. The wooden series tiles 600 x 1200 are more than durable, water-resistant, and very easy to maintain, and hence are a perfect alternative for natural wood floors.

Floor Tiles 600 x 1200 are our Best Sellers

Though all of our tiles are our prized possessions yet few are more in demand and have attained the status of being best sellers in their category. Some of them are:

Porcelain Floor Tiles 600 x 1200 – 1248

Porcelain Floor Tiles

One of our most popular offerings is the 1200 x 600 marble tiles from the Marble Series in 1248. Denoted by just a number, these unique porcelain tiles are exemplary of what modern engineering has achieved. The real marble feel, the color, and the texture are so distinctly imitating the original that you won’t feel that you have missed out on a marble stone when you select this.

Porcelain Floor 600 x 1200 Tiles – Platinum Gray

Platinum Gray

This premium-looking yet minimalistic gray patterned Platinum Gray tile from the Carving Series is also a best seller in terms of sale. Many modern homes and commercial buildings prefer these for their sheer adaptability and style.

Porcelain Floor Tiles 1200 x 600 – 1231

Porcelain Floor Tiles

1231 is from the Wooden Series and is particularly in demand for its unique worn-out look. A perfect addition to a cozy environment, the appearance of the wooden series tiles is right out of the setting of a wooden cabin.

Porcelain Floor Tiles 1200 x 600 – 1209

Porcelain Floor Tiles 1200 x 600 – 1209

Perhaps the most popular on the list is our 1209 600 x 1200 porcelain tiles. The inspiration for this design is the most commonly used floorboards from the vintage era. The color and texture of the tiles are at par with the real thing, no wonder the tile is so in demand.

We are also ahead in Manufacturing Different Sizes of Floor Tiles

Apart from our 1200 x 600 porcelain slabs, we at Freedom Ceramic are leaders in manufacturing the most elaborate collection of tiles offered in a variety of sizes as well.

300 x 600 mm

The 300 x 600 mm size is one of our size variations that has garnered decent pull from our customers. These tiles are offered under various exclusive series and in many shades, finishes, and styles, which complements our many offerings in our 60×120 cm floor tiles range.

600 x 600 mm

Offered under the Matt Plain Series, Wooden Series, Concept Series, and Glossy Series, the 600 x 600 mm tiles are the most commonly bought tiles size and hence are offered in far more options in our exclusive catalog.

How Do We Differ From Our Competitors?

Freedom Ceramic has had a significant impact on the local Indian market as a maker of floor tiles, particularly as a specialist in porcelain 2×4 floor tiles. Additionally, we have consistently been able to keep up with global developments and, on occasion, create excellence standards thanks to our architecture, research group, and quality procedures.

Any area may benefit from a much-needed makeover with the most amazing selection of 2×4 floor tiles designs from Freedom Ceramic, which is one of the sizes of our most popular tiles. The popular offerings in the 24 x 48-inch floor tiles range have been a result of our unfaltering commitment and daring innovations that make us stand out.

Freedom Ceramic is a leader in porcelain tiles manufacturing not just in terms of market share but also in terms of our contributions to the sector, and the many developments and innovations that make us unique.