If you are constructing a new house or remodeling an old property, you will often hear the word GVT or PGVT tiles. But do you know what are these gvt/pgvt floor tiles? Let us help you to acquire the necessary information about these tiles so that you can visit Freedom Ceramic to purchase these tiles in future. 

GVT tiles

GVT stands for Glazed Vitrified Tiles. As the name implies, the glazed surface of the tiles is the special factor that helps the manufacturers to come up with innovative designs for the flooring with interesting textures like bamboo, wood grain, and more. 

PGVT tiles

PGVT stands for Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles. Just as the name indicates, the reflective index of PGVT tiles is high with a glossy surface. Nature allows them to shine brighter than most of the options for floor tiles. 

Our Collection of 1000 x 1000 Gvt/pgvt tiles differs in colour, finish, and size


Unlike the regular manufacturers of the tiles, Freedom Ceramic is always experimenting with the different aspects of the 600 X 1200 floor tiles, to make sure that the products stand out in the crowd.
One of the first things that you will notice about the gvt/pgvt tiles is the variation in the color schemes. Beginning from light blue to beige, grey, off-white and more are available with the company. 
Moreover, the different shades of the single colours make interesting versions of the same colour patterns of the tiles. 


There is a significant difference between one of the many features of the glazed vitrified tiles and the polished glazed vitrified tiles. 
PGVT possesses a glossy surface while GVT usually does not sport the glossy shine. 
The gvt 10 X 10 are available in four types of finishes:

  • Rustic finish for the ones who like to add some classic elegance to the space
  • Satin finish for the ones who prefer the smooth appearance.
  • Sugar finish for those who like the patterns and grains.
  • Matt finishes for the property owners who like to minimize shine.

On the other hand, the PGVT tiles are only available in the glossy finish which is notable for the glossy appearance. 


There is no need to think that the tiles are available only in the dimension of 1000 X 1000. 
 Freedom Ceramics manufactures a wide range of options when it comes to the parameter of the size of the tiles. Our products include the following sizes:

  •  300 X 600 mm
  •  600 X 600 mm
  •  600 X 1200 mm
  •  800 X 1600 mm
  •  800 X 800 mm
  • 1000 X 1000 mm 
  • 1200 X 1200 mm

Thus, it depends on what size of the tiles will the buyer prefers depending on the area of floor coverage or the nature of the décor. 

Freedom Ceramic is a 100% export-oriented unit.

Freedom Ceramic is the leading manufacturer of the gvt/pgvt floor tiles. With the company earning an immense reputation in the home country for the quality of products, we have ventured into export business too.The company maintains a well-developed website so that global customers can check out the options of tiles available with the company along with the price list. This has increased the demand for our products further.

Products exported

Freedom Ceramics export the 1000 X 1000 ceramic tiles as well as the 1000 X 1000 floor tiles of gvt and pgvt categories. The export list includes all the varieties of tiles that we manufacture. We maintain a well-planned inventory to make sure that we can serve global customers as promptly as the people in India.

Countries exported to

The chief focus of the company has always been on capturing the Middle East market as it is undeniably the most lucrative arena for the export business of floor tiles. However, the company is presently exporting on a massive scale to many countries outside India which made us the leading exporter of the pgvt/gvt tiles too. We have also gained a strong foothold in the export of the products in the Arabian countries. 

We always try to meet international standards.

As you can see, we are always in the mode of expanding the business further. That is why we haven’t limited the supply of tiles within the country. We are exporting to many countries including the Arabian countries which has made the brand more popular than ever.
But before serving the foreign countries, we needed to make sure that we are maintain the international standards for the manufacturing of the gvt 10 X 10 tiles and all the other tiles.

Quality control.

Right from the beginning, Freedom Ceramic has always maintained its focus on the consistency of the quality of its products. We have a very strict quality control process that will check individual products before packaging and then check the packages too, apart from various other tests to ensure that the flawless packages are hitting the market. 
The strict quality control process is by far responsible for the consistent reputation of the company not in the home country, but in foreign lands too. 

Testing process.

We maintain an elaborate testing process to make sure that the composition of each tile that we produce is equally good. When a buyer is investing money in the products that we sell, the person is not only entrusting us with the money but the look and feel of the entire construction project will depend largely on our product quality.
The testing procedures are extensive but offer smart solutions to circulate only the flawless products in the market. The testing process will eliminate the damaged batches before packaging. 

There is a wide range of variety in GVT/PGVT tiles at Freedom Ceramics

  • 300 x 600 gvt/pgvt: For example, Frecia Crema, Matrix Statuario, Madera Grey, Traffic Tracertino, and more. 
  • 600 x 600 gvt/pgvt: For example, Menfis White, Natural Green. Oniea cherry, Polaris Grey, Dyna Crema, and more. 
  • 600 x 1200 gvt/pgvt : For instance, Romina Black Smoke yellow, venush ivory, Spider brown and more. 
  • 800 x 800 gvt/pgvt: These include options like Agatah Beige, Affulance Bianco, Agasiya Gris, and more.
  • 800 x 1600 gvt/pgvt : Armani Brown, Allego Beige, and Alessia Bianco are some of the top-rated products from this collection.
  • 1200 x 1200 gvt/pgvt: these include the Arena Crema matte version, Arena grey, Armani green and more.

 Freedom Ceramic is India’s no.1 manufacturer and exporter of ceramic tiles.

There are several reasons that contribute together to making Freedom Ceramics the top manufacturer and exporter of ceramic tiles in India.
The strict quality control process is perhaps one of the most noteworthy factors that support the company to maintain the consistency of the quality of products for a really long time. There is no better way to establish a brand in the market than to maintain quality consistency.
The variety of collections shows the innovative minds working day and night to create unusual designs and implement them on ceramic tiles.

Whether you are looking for the gvt/pgvt floor tiles or other types of ceramic tiles, Freedom Ceramics is the ideal place to search for all the options available in the market.