Choosing porcelain floor tiles can add to the aesthetic appeal of your house. It not only blends well with a variety of wall colors but also syncs with both contemporary and classy interior decoration.

Years of residing in the same house and adding different elements to cater to the various needs at various stages of life have made it a complete hodge-podge.

Remodeling your house has been on your priority list for a long time. When planning about it, you need to change the wall paint and furniture and the flooring of your house.

Hence, you need not worry while installing porcelain floor tiles in your home. You only need to choose the right supplier who can deliver you a quality product.

1: The different types of porcelain floor tiles.

There are a lot of varieties of porcelain flooring that can make you spellbound. Some of the popular ones have been mentioned below for your quick reference.

1. Glazed.

glazed porcelain tiles 600x600

Initially, when the raw tiles in kept in the kiln to be heated at a certain temperature to make them hard and strong, the finishing is unpleasant then. Finally, after it is brought out of the kiln, a glazed coating is applied to it as a final touch to make it shiny and impervious.

This type of porcelain floor tiles falls in the glazed category.

2. Unglazed.

The unglazed porcelain flooring retains its unfinished surface to deliver slip-resistant features to it. It is also known as fully vitrified tiles whose color uniformity is maintained throughout the body.

3. Polished.

porcelain floor tiles

In this case, the porcelain tiles are polished with a diamond disk after it is baked and brought out of the kiln. Generally, you may get confused with polished porcelain tiles with glazed vitrified tiles. But both are completely different as their manufacturing processes vary from each other.

It is mainly considered as floor and decor porcelain tile by commercial property owners.

The final product may appear as if a smooth polish has been applied to the surface of the tile.

4. Matt.

One of the most striking aspects of this tile is that it absorbs the light and does not encourage any reflection. It creates a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere in your home.

A subtle yet sophisticated look is all that it portrays after it covers the entire floor.

2: How to Choose the Perfect Porcelain Floor Tiles for Your Home?

There are certain points that porcelain tiles supplier in usa will tell you to consider before you finalize the porcelain floor tiles for your home. Let’s take a look at the points mentioned below.

  • The style of your home matters. Is it vintage or contemporary? Based on the answer you will have to shortlist the tile. Depending on the area of its installation the selection matters. For your bathroom, a matt finish will be better.
  • Whereas for your bedroom glazed or polished will be perfect. Hence, you need to ascertain which texture and pattern to use in different areas of your residence so that its functionality is maintained and a glamorous look is attained.
  • The size of the tile is important. Generally, small-sized ones are preferred for residential buildings and larger ones for commercial properties.
  • The dimension of your room and its color will influence your choice of tile. Apart from this, getting the tiles fixed on the walls can make it appear more cohesive.
  • The entry of natural light, texture, and pattern of the tiles are some other factors that you might focus on before purchasing the porcelain tile.
  • Make sure there is a rating on the porcelain tile. This will ensure its lifetime and the quality of raw materials used to manufacture it.
  • The grout color matching the porcelain flooring can give a subtle look to the overall ambiance of your room.  

3: The Pros of Porcelain Floor Tiles.

Well, the moment you have decided to buy porcelain floor tiles, you should also know about the benefits of installing them.

3.1 They’re durable.

Since it is a long-term investment, you would like the product to be robust, and here this tile scores the highest. It is hard, tough, and has longevity.

Mostly the best tile manufacturers claim that this tile has more than 50 years of life expectancy. Making it a more viable option for most homeowners like you.

3.2 They’re easy to clean.

The surface of porcelain floor tiles is smooth and so its cleaning is also simple. Just rub it wild mild soap water and finally with a dry cloth and you are done with it.

Having this tile on your floor ensures hygiene as it can be disinfected quickly without any hassle despite your busy household having pets and children.

3.3 They’re stain-resistant.

The material for its production is mainly clay heated at high temperatures, so this is hardier and since the finishing is mostly glossy or polished, so the occurrence of stains is almost nil. This particular finesse makes it completely scratch-resistant. Thus, you need not worry about your dog in the house, as they create stains and scratches on the floor.

Moreover, in cold temperatures, a problem of cracking arises in tiles. But with this tile, there is no such issue even if subject to freezing climatic conditions. Its composition is dense and lesser porous, the moisture leakage is low. 

 4: The Cons of Porcelain Floor Tiles.

The best supplier of porcelain floor tiles will also make you aware of the underlying problems associated with porcelain tiles. Like:

4.1 They can be slippery.

As you know this tile emphasizes smooth finesse, hence a chance of slippery remains. Although, this situation can be avoided if the floor is kept dry all the time.

Even if any liquid or fluid is spotted on it, you should immediately wipe it off to avoid any mishap. After all, precaution from your end is to be kept always.

4.2 They’re expensive.

If you are into quality and gorgeous looks, then you will have to shell out some extra money to procure this tile from a reputed floor tile supplier.

Hence, your budget is a major factor when buying porcelain tile. If you can afford it, then it should be your first choice.

But as a long-term investment, you can put your hard-earned money into it.

4.3 They’re difficult to install.

Since this tile is hard, it requires extra pressure to get it fixed to the floor. Moreover, its strength makes it hard to cut and drill. It is another reason why this tile is prone to breakage.

But all these disadvantages do not matter if you procure it from an experienced porcelain tiles supplier as they will provide you with an expert working for the installation of the tiles.

Subtitle4: Larger and smaller porcelain tiles available at Freedom Ceramics

The porcelain floor tiles are available in mainly three sizes. Like: 300×600 mm, 600x600mm, and 600×1200 mm. The final size is usually applied in commercial areas that require large coverage of tiles on the floor. For domestic purposes, the first two sizes suffice.

The 300 X 600 porcelain tiles in USA are a major hit because this is mainly used by small property owners.

 5: Conclusion

Hence, it can be said that the flooring of your residence, can help you garner compliments from your peers and relatives if you procure it from a reputed supplier like Freedom Tiles.

Only a competent team of proficient people can deliver you the best product on time.

5.1 Save Time And Money By Choosing The Right Supplier

The plus point of Freedom Tiles is that they are experienced in this field, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and professional, and offer a wide variety in sizes of tiles like 30×60 cm porcelain floor tiles.

With more than 1232 satisfied and happy clients, 563 dealers partnering with them are valid enough to gain your trust. Moreover, they export to 23 countries and have already completed projects of about 154.

The types, sizes, designs, and patterns all are exclusively chosen and manufactured with utmost care and precision.

Moreover, facilities like e-catalog, packing details, and tile calculator, these three components being incorporated in their company website, are advantageous for you, as you can directly get information related to any of it instantly without having to ask any third person.

The technical specifications of the porcelain floor tiles (like the dimensions, surface quality, physical, chemical, and thermal properties) that they deal in, are also mentioned on their website for customers like you who have a keen interest in these minute matters.

  • The certificate of registration of this company from the respective government organization is another mark of their transparency and reliability.
  • They have also participated in the world’s largest virtual ceramic exhibition in the year 2021, which has added a feather to their cap.
  • Thus, your time will be saved when you approach them, as they will guide you to the right product that will add value to your money.
  • As a whole, it can be said that Freedom Tiles is a one-stop solution when it comes to porcelain flooring.

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