When it comes to choosing a reliable and trustworthy tiles manufacturing brand, you must consider a lot of factors. At Freedom Ceramic, we are one of the most reputed global exporters of various tiles, especially GVT tiles. That is because over the years we have excelled in research and development, implementing our ideas into a remarkable reality. 

Today, we are exporting world-class GVT tiles to different countries. Known as Glazed Vitrified Tiles, we use some unique manufacturing processes to make them exclusively appealing and durable. Our clients get the leverage to customize GVT tiles according to their design choices. In addition, we provide them with everlasting durability and rigid strength capability due to stunning glaze. 

Through this blog, we take the opportunity to unveil the best of our capabilities and how we as a team of Freedom Ceramic, have worked with diligence and dedication to make the company’s dream come true.

Advantages of GVT Tiles from Freedom Ceramic:

  • Our GVT tiles can be highly customized as per your needs and requirements
  • They can be used on floors and walls too
  • Great strength and durability to withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Easy to clean with a wet mop and some soapy water
  • Stain-resistant and easy to maintain
  • Available in numerous varieties like Matt Finish, Glossy Finish, High Glossy Finish, etc.

For all these years, we have been manufacturing GVT tiles for our clients who want them to be used for a variety of purposes like bedrooms, offices, kitchens, living rooms, showrooms, airports, conference rooms, corridors, and malls.

Freedom Ceramic’s Journey From Becoming Manufacturer to Global Exporter

Currently, Freedom Ceramic is known for its large collection of various GVT tiles and patterns. We manufacture the best quality tiles by using high-end digital printing technology. Our collection is attractive and unique. In addition, we produce eco-friendly products by adhering to environmental policies. 

Since our inception in the year 2017 as a tile manufacturer in Gujarat, Freedom Ceramic soon has become one of the leading exporters of GVT tiles in India and abroad. We are well known for our state-of-the-art infrastructure, durable and efficient quality tiles, and well-established manufacturing process by incorporating the latest technologies and trends. Experiencing the export business over the years, we are quite eloquent and known to the country-specific norms and rules. 

Backed up by a solid team of knowledge experts and founders, we carry abundant knowledge and experience into the industry. We know all the international standards of designing tiles, helping us to master our domain. Through our undisputed leadership, we have built a strong and highly capable workforce who has a deep understanding of every kind of product we offer. Our premises are equipped with the latest machinery that can create excellent products with precision and quality. 
We are one of the sought-after GVT tiles manufacturers and exporters due to the below reasons.

We Consider Each Country’s Norms and Policies

We offer extended support to all our international clients located in different countries. We ensure to follow all their rules, laws, and considerations of imports. Our clients are happy with our services because we do not compromise on quality standards and ensure to delivery of products on time with zero hassles for them. 

Adhere to Packaging Norms

Over the years of gaining experience in tiles manufacturing and exports, we now thoroughly understand the packaging requirements for various markets. We make sure that all our deliveries comply with the norms of their local markets. We also understand their processes and requirements before finalizing any deal, so that we can manufacture and export tiles accordingly. By practicing this method, we have gained competence and reputation in the global market. We have managed to keep up with the pace of competition by evolving and adapting to the changing trends of the tile market. 

Freedom Ceramic’s Journey From Becoming Manufacturer to Global Exporter

Brand Support

Being one of the most reputed manufacturers and exporters of GVT tiles, we always walk that extra mile. Starting from creating customized designs to providing branding support, we ensure to provide it through our valuable services. We ensure to manufacture tiles based on your branding strategy prevailing in the native local market. Through this, we support our importers to solidify their business roots and win more clients in their local market. 
To conclude, the journey of Freedom Ceramic from being a local manufacturer to a reputed global exporter has been phenomenal and exciting. If you want to know more about GVT tiles and our range of other tiles and ceramic products, feel free to contact us.