Having the most modern amenities in your home is not enough if you are not investing in beautiful and practical flooring. The correct flooring will not only provide the necessary personality to your space but also save a lot of money in the future.

When it comes to tile there are many considerations that you should go through before finalizing on the one tile which you wish to have your flooring solution. To assist you with the procedure, we have arranged a step-by-step guide to walk you through the intricate process, thus helping you choose the right tiles for flooring.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choose Tiles for Flooring

Step.1: Fix a Budget

When it comes to tiles, before going to choose ones that is right for setting in on a budget. Different materials of tiles are offered at different prices; hence you might want to spare yourself that we struck look when you are asked as what your budget is.

Because tiles are a long-term investment, you might not want to adjust on the quality of it, after all, who would want to repair and maintain the flooring on a regular basis. There a plenty of options out there which is perfect for your requirements, choose the ones that offer longevity and aesthetics combined.

Step.2: Tell Apart Different Tiles

Well, at first you may not find it up your alley but a little knowledge about different tiles will only help you determine the best flooring option for you (and yes there are more than just ceramic tiles or marble, which a novice may not be aware of). The different types of tiles are, Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Marbles, Travertine, Limestones and more.

Each tile is different and has different qualities, the modern technology has enhanced those qualities to provide the best options. While ceramic, vitrified and porcelain may look the same they are different in terms of their properties and you might require one property more than the other.

Step.3: Consider the Space

Yes! It matters, each tile and material are different, and they are bulked with features but some features stand out as opposed to others. Such features make the tiles more suitable for certain application more than the other. Considering the space on which the tile flooring is intended for goes a long way in finding the right one.

Like for example, a living room has a different function altogether in contrast with a kitchen or a bedroom as such you should considers factors like the amount of traffic that the space is subjected to, or the water spills or for outdoors, the sun or other weather effects. Different tiles suit different areas, such as porcelain tiles are perfect for outdoors whereas a ceramic floor tile is your best bet for the indoor flooring.

Step.4: Consider the Usage

Determining the best tile for flooring also depends on the factor of the usage of the space. A garage wherein the vehicles and heavy things are supposedly rested a sturdier natural stone or porcelain tile is an ideal choice, also they are perfectly suitable for commercial complexes.

Step.5: Size Does Matter!

Yes, it does, the size matters in terms of the tiles for flooring options, while not necessarily be large. The smaller tiles are more suited for kitchens of bathrooms or your spare store rooms.

But larger tiles are perfect for your bedrooms and living rooms, the whole purpose of large tiles with lesser joints are to impart the sense of spaciousness.

Step.6: Show of Colour!

Like with size and different finish, colours determine the effect of the room. Different shades of colours exuberate different feel to a room or space. A dark tone tile is not a good choice in a space where the light is limited and it provides a dingy dark feel to it, however in proper lighting the room may seem larger than it is. With pleasant and brighter colour, the room naturally seem more spacious and brighter.

Step.7: Race to the Finish!

It is very crucial to determine the finish of your flooring. Each space requires and calls for specific finish for tiles, such as bathroom and outdoor patio or area around the pool are more suited for matte finish tiles, as they are more slip resistant and as being non-reflective you will not have to take care of the glare factor when you’re in for a nice dip in the pool.

Glossy tiles are more of a match for your living rooms, or bedrooms where you would require a certain panache and richness. Glossy finish tiles are also known to reflect light and make the rooms brighter.

Step.8: Grout it Up!

Grouting is one of the most important aspects of the flooring, choosing the perfect grout which compliments the selected tiles brings out the best in the tiles and sometimes reveals the hidden personality of the tile.

Step.9: Ease of Maintenance

Perhaps the most crucial of factor which you should consider when addressing on how to choose tiles for flooring is its ease of maintenance. The perfect tile is chosen on this one single decisive reason, the more upkeep a tile requires, the worst selection it is for flooring. The best flooring options are those which provide you with the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Step.10: Keeping Some Tiles Handy

Trust us keeping some extra few tiles handy will not hurt you. Purchase 5 to 10% extra than is necessary. There is always a fear of being delivered with broken or cracked tiles or sometimes accidents happen while installation or may be some years down the line your favourite flooring is chipped, in this situation there’s a chance that your tiles may not be available with the vendor and hence the extras will sort the issue. Also, there is always the option of returning the unused tiles.

Tiles are naturally durable and sturdy and can withstand the effect of the time, weather and any other interfering reason. If the right tiles are chosen as the flooring option there is no reason why it shouldn’t last a lifetime.

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