Floor Tiles

Tiles have grown to be an integral part of any construction these days, and rightfully so, give that there is a plethora of variety and numerous reasons why they are the perfect choice. The appropriate floor tiles may completely modify and enhance the appearance of any room. They derive a sense of elegance and practicality which cannot be matched with any other cladding solution. 

Today, tiles not only serve an important practical purpose, but they also have a significant impact on the overall beauty of a space. Specifically, floor tiles multiply the sophistication of a room ten folds. It is these prospects that the floor tile manufacturers, like Freedom Ceramics, explore. And while exploring they have been able to stir quite a few innovations and developed the most versatile and beautiful porcelain and ceramic floor tiles in India.

Why Should You Choose Tiles for Flooring?

There are a few justified reasons why we push the idea of tiles as a flooring option above any other solutions, such as:

They are easy to maintain

This is arguably the most critical factor for its appeal and also the one that gives it an edge over other options. They demand least care and can retain the aesthetic value for a long time even with the simplest of cleaning routines, while other options may require a more professional care. 

They are affordable

Floor tiles are a more cost-effective solution than wooden floors or stone, this has been possible mostly because of the latest advances which allow many tweaks and innovations that are beautiful yet cheaper.

They are an all-weather solution

Floor tiles are perfect in every aspect, more so because of its applications which do not limit it and thus can be used under any weather condition. They are also resistant to environmental fluctuations such as severe temperatures, rainfall, or exposure to seawater, makes them ideal for all geographical areas.

They are easy to install

Ceramic Floor tiles are easier to handle and are lighter than other flooring solutions such as hardwood, stone, marble etc. This makes it easier for the floor tiles to be laid on floors as compared to other materials.

They can be used anywhere

Its versatility is the reason why floor tiles can be used anywhere. Each space has its own requirements as the living room requires more sturdier solution given that there is more foot traffic there, and the bathroom requires to be non-slippery, floor tiles check in all the requirements and fit each area of a home, and more.

Who Is The Best Floor Tiles Manufacturer in India

As a floor tiles manufacturer and especially an expert on ceramic, vitrified, and porcelain floor tilesFreedom Ceramic has been a major influence in the Indian domestic market. Along with that, their quality operations, infrastructure, and their think tank have constantly managed to match the trends of the world and at times set benchmarks for quality as well. Freedom Ceramic has the most awe-inspiring collection of floor tile patterns to give any space a much-needed facelift.

They are a reputed name in the business and quite well known for the quality of tiles such as their uniformity in size, shape, and thickness which allows for easy installation and maintenance. Freedom Ceramics tiles are also hygienic and are known to withstand just about anything.

Whether you’re searching for a Glazed Vitrified Tile, Polished Glazed Vitrified Tile, or Porcelain Tile, they have the most detailed and wholesome collection of tiles for your floors. Explore their collection of extremely long-lasting tiles, which come in a wide variety of shapes, patterns, colors, and designs, and pick the ideal choice for your space.