Choosing tiles is a cumbersome task. Since we use tiles daily and expect them to be highly durable and impressive, we must also know that every type of tile has its own peculiar characteristics. Like Porcelain Floor Tiles– they come in volumes of designs and have unwavering charm enhancing the beauty of your living space. 

With such diversity in sizes, formats, patterns, and colors, you may have a tough time finding the right one. You must also take care that if you make a wrong choice, it can have a huge impact on the look of your decor space and may create an unpleasant ambiance. 

The blog is a guide to choosing porcelain tiles and will help you make the right decision in selecting the best type for your living space. Let us explore and find out how to choose them.

What are Porcelain Floor Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are an exclusive combination of natural raw materials like silica, clay, quartz, and other raw materials. The luster of tiles is majorly dependent on the kind of materials used during the manufacturing process.

The tiles are then cut into different sizes and crafted with mesmerizing patterns. Later, they are heated at high levels of temperature to get the aesthetic look of the porcelain tile. Overall, porcelain floor tiles go through a complex manufacturing process to give attractive, appealing, and long-lasting durability.

How to Choose Porcelain Floor Tiles?

Analyze Your Living Space

Check what kind of space you have and what are the typical needs of that area. It is essential to understand and evaluate the space requirements with accuracy to help you select the right tile size and layout. This activity will also cut down on unnecessary costs during installation.

In addition, knowing the physical attributes and dimensions of the space will direct you in finalizing your tile requirements. If you are searching for tiles for your big living room and want it to be cozy and comfortable not so tacky, you can choose large-size rectangular tiles that have uniformity in designs with not-so-bright colors but have grace and luster. 

Select the Suitable Type of Tile

When you have done space analysis, check out various types of porcelain floor tiles presented by your manufacturer. A reputed porcelain floor tiles manufacturer will offer you a range of options to choose from. They also diverse range like polished porcelain tiles, glossy finish porcelain tiles, and matte finish porcelain tiles. Polished or glazed tiles suit well for large rooms that have bright natural lights.

Large-format porcelain slab tiles in living rooms can generate a delightful mood and can expand your vision to a larger space. It will also make you feel cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. Matter finish porcelain tiles will convert your kitchen ambiance more joyful, secure, and exuberant. Also, it will avoid more spills and scratches.

Consider the Size and Layout

When you purchase the wrong size format you will spend a lot. Because then you will have to either live with this decision forever or you will have to replace tiles of your right choice. So, think twice, analyze, and understand the characteristics of each type of porcelain floor tiles.

If your living space needs smaller tiles, you must choose them and avoid getting attracted to larger tiles as they will eventually be a hit on your pocket and brain. And so goes on vice versa. So if it is for your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or bathrooms, all these areas need different types of porcelain floor tiles. If you want to avoid confusion, you can always seek help from your porcelain floor tiles manufacturer.

Select the Right Colors and Designs

The colors and designs will highly influence the overall look of your living space. Based on the appearance of the tiles, your entire room gets an impact. Porcelain floor tiles come in wide varieties, colors, and designs. So, it may become a little tricky to choose the best option. Be wise and analytical here. Choose the right colors based on the kind of lighting and design space.

If your room has enough sunlight, choose neutral hues because they will complement the best of such spaces. Spaces with deemed lighting and dull appearance need textured tiles with bright colors to make them livelier and exuberant. 

Here, you also must learn to choose the right combination of colors and designs suitable for your chosen space. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

Your porcelain floor tiles must be easy to clean and maintain. For a highly functional and open attractive space, you must ensure the tiles do not need frequent clean-ups. So choose matte or textured finishing tiles to reduce any water spots or smudges. Also, darker grout colors are good avoiding stains or reducing dirt accumulation.

Even a slip-resistant nature will enhance safety. At this point, you must also see if the tiles are stain and chemical-resistant. A good porcelain floor tiles manufacturer will give you a guide on how to perform practical cleaning of the tiles with live demos. So always make sure you make a thoughtful choice depending on the factors and requirements of your living or working space.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right kind of tiles is the most important step for your home or any living space. Only then can you say you are building a perfect place to live or work because the appearance of the tiles will harmonize with your space. Freedom Ceramic is a well-established porcelain floor tiles manufacturer and can help you discover the perfect porcelain tiles. Over the years, we have set a remarkable benchmark in delivering exceptional designs and colors of porcelain floor tiles. We are more than a brand and are known as the trusted industrial experts in giving the best to our customers. Contact us today for your tile requirements.