In the last few years, the popularity of PGVT tiles has increased enormously. Polished Glazed Vitrified tiles are a peculiar type of wall tiles that establish a sense of affection, delight, and exuberance towards the users. They are built with great attention to detail in creating numerous designs and prints for homes.

These tiles are so perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and can be customized easily before buying. They come with a unique appearance and add value to homes and offices. The blog takes you through some of the top ways in which PGVT tiles enhance the beauty of home interiors and are capturing the hearts of many people.

Below are some appealing characteristics of these tiles that will help you find reasons for being the best choice.

Utmost Elegance

Whether it is your workspace or home, PGVT tiles reflect the sheer elegance and grace that you need to showcase your personality. With their smooth and reflective surfaces, they create a sophisticated atmosphere and build lasting impressions in the minds of people. Both GVT and PGVT tiles have a refined look that reflects versatility. Especially, these tiles are perfect for offices as they easily blend with the reception areas, and conference rooms and create a positive environment for employees and clients. 

Professional Aesthetics

To achieve a living space that can reflect your personality and atmosphere is a sheer sign of happiness and growth. With PGVT tiles you get the aesthetic, clean, and warm look that sets in tune with your living standards. Be it corporate houses or kitchen rooms, PGVT tiles can easily blend with the ambiance and can provide so many solutions. It also adds grace to large spaces like lobbies, meeting rooms, living rooms, and much more. 

Highly Durable For High Foot-Fall Traffic Areas

The primary benefit of GVT and PGVT tiles is their durability. These types of tiles are created to withstand heavy foot traffic. It can be considered the best choice for spaces like living rooms, hallways, and kitchens. The process of vitrification keeps them resistant to scratches, moisture, and stains. All these characteristics contribute to keeping the nature of GVT and PGVT tiles appealing for a very long time.

Highly Versatile

GVT and PGVT tiles are highly versatile and can be used for several applications. If you want to revamp your bathroom wall or kitchen floor or wish to redefine your living room space or your office cabin, PGVT tiles can provide you with that sort of flexibility. Due to their highly adaptive nature, they are the favorite among several interior designers who always are in search of those types of materials that can be moved easily to different places.

Easy to Maintain

The contemporary style of living demands style, grace, and easy maintenance all three in one. GVT and PGVT tiles are the best choices in this regard. The cleaning process becomes so easy and quick because of its smooth and glazed surface. It requires only a simple wipe that can remove all the dust and dirt. Hence, easy maintenance is also a significant characteristic that provides low-maintenance costs for busy households as nowadays people have less amount of time for home maintenance. 

Elevates Workspace Environment

PGVT tiles are known for their bright colors that will automatically make the workspace bright and shiny. So majorly for offices, you can elevate the reflective quality by using PGVT tiles for walls to create a luminous environment. 

Environmental Friendly Choices

With GVT and PGVT tiles, you can ensure complete sustainability of your environment ecosystem. As the tiles are more friendly, many GVT and PGVT tile manufacturers practice using eco-friendly raw materials. Hence, for homeowners and manufacturers. It becomes a responsible choice to lower the impact on the environment by choosing eco-friendly GVT and PGVT tiles.


The beauty of PGVT and GVT tiles lies in their power to transform homes and offices into lively spaces to work. The enhanced flooring and appealing aesthetics do the work of making visitors feel great and happy. Freedom Ceramic is a trustworthy GVT and PGVT tiles manufacturer in India. We ensure you are making a perfect choice for your living space. Our PGVT tiles have promising qualities and we have been in this business for many years. Visit our site or contact us today for your future requirements.