You can make your home aesthetic with the use of Glazed Vitrified Tiles. These tiles are very popular nowadays and people are wisely using them to make their homes look aesthetic. Companies like Freedom Ceramicthe best Tiles producer, provide the latest designs of these tiles. You can find different types of GV tiles at our store.

We are the top 2X2 GVT/PGVT Manufacturer In India and we are one of the best tiles manufacturers that produces the best quality material in vitrified tiles in IndiaUsing Glossy Vitrified Floor Tiles for room tiles is the best choice you can have because of the gloss features. 

We are also famous as a 2×2 GVT Tiles Manufacturer and also known as the 2×2 GVT Tiles exporter. Apart from GVT, you can find PGVT tiles from our store, which are efficient in quality and the best in design. We are 2×2 PGVT Tiles manufacturer that is also known as a 2×2 PGVT Tiles exporter. 

You can also install 600mm x 600mm tiles for your floor to curve out the best look. These 60cm x 60cm gvt/pgvt tiles are the best for small rooms. We are known as Vitrified Floor Tiles Manufacturer of GVT PGVT Vitrified Tiles. We are also famous as the best tiles exporter. 

Apart from being the best tiles manufacturing company in India, we are also improving our standards gradually. You can find the best quality material from us and we are also ensuring safe delivery of items at your location within time. 

 One of the Leading Supplier of GVT/PGVT Tiles

We are producing 2 feet x 2 feet gvt/pgvt tiles in India and thus you can find us as the Best company and the Best exporter of tiles at the Best Price. We are the best suppliers of tiles in this domain and we are famous for your export quality material. 

We, Freedom Ceramic, are the Best Supplier Of GVT/PGVT tiles in India. We are the best supplier of better designs and artworks in our tiles. We have broadened our designs, which is now included the latest designs like grains, marbles, and other details. We are the supplier of best quality of tiles that you will find in the latest designs and materials. 

You can find the best tiles from us for your offices and other works. In commercial areas, you can install our tiles in your office, business floor, and hotels. These tiles can efficiently handle high traffic as you have the best quality of tiles from us. The maintenance of these tiles is easy and you can clean these tiles that are suitable for the home. 

 Different sizes of GVT/PGVT TILES

You can find our tiles in  800mm x 1600mm and 1000mm x 1000mm sizes but Also Available in 300mm x 600mm and 600mm x 1200mm and 800mm x 800mm. The size of the tile is also very important because it can change the outlook of your place. Also, the designs of the tiles matter in choosing the right size of tile.

Preferring big tiles or slabs for your homes need more space than usual. As these slabs would require a large space to stretch the design. In other words, you can get the complete designs in four blocks of large size tiles. Thus, the pattern of the tiles would get reflected on the floor or walls efficiently. You can easily go with our tiles if you have a large home. 

On the other hand, small tiles are best for small room makeovers. These tiles are very delicate in looking and can present a completely different picture in your rooms. You can find different patterns, which are very unique from the large tiles, in small tiles. Thus, choosing small tiles can make your space look more aesthetic and vibrant at the same time. 

GVT/PGVT in Glossy finish

2x2 GVT & PGVT tiles glossy

We are the Best manufacturer of different finishes of GVT or PGVT tiles, which are available at Best price. Our tiles you can find in different sizes available like 300mm x 600mm, 600mm x 600mm, and  600mm x 1200mmHowever, among the various finishes, the glossy finish is the most popular and high in demand. 

The finishes of GVT/PGVT tiles Glossy Vitrified Floor Tiles are very delicate. You can find GVT tiles in various places like shopping malls, hospitals, showrooms, and other places. These tiles look the best and are efficiently suitable for high-traffic areas; whereas, you can find PGVT tiles mainly in the home because these tiles are essentially delicate and require more attention.

Glossy finish tiles are completely different from other tiles and you can spot these tiles very easily. These tiles can reflect images just like mirrors and thus you can get the best look of your home or your space with this look. 

The glossy finish of tiles can make the tiles durable and strong. These tiles are not scratchable and easy to clean. Therefore, in shopping malls, you can easily carry the trolley without leaving any scratch on the floor. These tiles are very much efficient in cleaning as you can clean the tiles using only water and soap. These tiles make the space look brighter as lights get reflected through the surfaces. Glossy tiles can make the space look bigger than usual. 

Porcelain Floor Tiles

porcelain floor tiles 600x600

We,the Best manufacturer of GVT tiles, are also Producing Porcelain Tiles. You can find different sizes available in our store like 300mm x 600mm and 600mm x 600mm. You can also try bigger slabs of tiles like 600mm x 1200mm. We are offering the best quality tiles at the Best price. You can get different finishes available at our location. 

Patterns are the main striking features of porcelain tiles as you can find different patterns in these tiles. These tiles are great for commercial purposes. Mostly, showrooms and shopping malls use these tiles for making the floor strong and to support huge traffic. You can find different qualities of these tiles from us. We are selling different variations of these tiles at a very affordable price structure. 

The durability is another essential quality of these tiles. These tiles can last for years without leaving any scratch. Moreover, you can find different patterns, especially geometric patterns, in these tiles. Using these amazing designs can make your space look like heaven. For this, people nowadays are going crazy for these tiles in their home decor. 

Why Freedom Ceramics is the Best Manufacturing Company in India?

Well, to start with, Freedom Ceramic are the best sellers of GVT and PGVT tiles for flooring and other design work. You can find our tiles in different shapes and different designs. We always focus on the latest designs that are incorporated into the lifestyle of modern people. In simple words, we are following the trending ideas to create our designs for tiles. Hence, you will find the latest designs and trending patterns in your collection. We are handling different types and sizes of tile material. From GVT to porcelain, you can find everything in your store. We ensure smooth deliver across our searchable locations. 

We recommend you to enter our website to check the latest feature that we have incorporated recently. You can calculate the tile requirements for your home through our tile calculator feature, which is exclusively available on our website. We ensure the best quality of tiles for our clients. Till now, (when the article is written), we have completed 154 successful projects across the globe. We are famous for exporting tiles and our clients are very happy with our quality. 

Finally, we are dedicated to our commitment to ensuring the best quality in our manufacturing process. For this main reason, you can consider us as the best manufacturer of tiles. We are continuously focusing on our designs and material to provide the best quality in reliable designs.