Australia has been a foremost tiles consumer in the world and has a very encouraging environment for construction-friendly dynamics. For somewhat a considerable period, porcelain floor tiles have been a favored flooring choice. During this time, construction from all over the world has become more standardized, allowing it much more possible for manufacturers to make a uniform dimension of 2 x 2 porcelain tiles. 

Freedom Ceramic is the foremost porcelain floor tiles production enterprise, having completed several contracts within both regional and foreign markets. Their 2 × 2 ft porcelain floor tiles are accurate and ideal in size, providing them with the attribute of being a flawless complement to the flooring in practically all infrastructure projects.

These porcelain floor tiles 600×600 (in mm) or 2 x 2 tiles (in feet) size are unquestionably the best option for both residential and commercial applications. Freedom Ceramic has established its reputation as a reliable manufacturer of 2-foot x 2-foot Ceramic Floor tiles in Australia. 

Its dependability has increased exponentially over the years in Australia as a direct result of its cutting-edge production infrastructure, which seems to be adept at producing high-quality porcelain floor tiles 60 x 60 cm in vast numbers and yet adhering to its dedication to tiles excellence. Australian homes and commercial and public spaces have all benefited from Freedom Ceramics’ high-quality porcelain floor tiles.

Porcelain 2by2 floor tiles are great for use in either smaller or bigger locations due to their appropriate regular size. Porcelain tiles are amongst the most preferred flooring solutions around the world because of their excellent durability, giving customers several options for bringing a bit of beauty to their space since porcelain tiles are available in so many options which include a variety of designs, colors, and finishes such as matt, glossy, and wooden textures.

Attractive 24×24 Porcelain Floor Tiles appear wonderful in a variety of household or commercial settings. 60×60 cm Porcelain floor tiles can be used in bathrooms, dormitories, cafes, meeting rooms, canteens, stores, office spaces, universities, nightclubs, food outlets, and health centers. Porcelain tiles because of their innate characteristics can also be installed outdoors on terraces, walkways, and driveways. They are available in both modern and classic selections making them a timeless choice.

One of the primary benefits of 2by2 porcelain floor tiles is that they are perfect for their intended use and their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as their resistance to frost and dampness makes them so. In addition, the design and colors of the floors will not diminish significantly over time.

GVT & PGVT Tiles

Gvt And Pgvt Tiles

Freedom Ceramics produces the finest quality porcelain floor tiles and is also 2×2 size available in GVT and PGVT Tiles. Their GVT & PGVT collection of porcelain tiles is equally breathtaking and visually appealing. In addition, these GVT and PGVT tiles are one of the most durable in the market right now.

Different Finishes in which our 2×2 Porcelain Floor Tiles are Available:

One of the many reasons why porcelain floor tiles 600×600 have taken over the market and are quite popular around the world is because of their variety of finishes. These finishes and textures on the surface of the tile are unique, easy to maintain, and very realistic.

The different categories of 2 x 2 tiles Finish offered at Freedom Ceramics are Glossy Series, Matt Plain Series, and Wooden Series.

1. Glossy Series 

600x600 glossy series

Freedom Ceramic introduces a world-class range of Glossy finish tiles through their Glossy series. Polished or glossy tiles absorb and bounce back light and are quite easy to maintain; if you own a smaller space, these coated tiles may completely transform the environment. 

This category’s tiles have a sleek and polished appearance, making them excellent for a loungeroom or a corridor. They may be used as an accent feature in any setting. The series offers a great variety of distinct designs and hues that goes well with any and all décor styles imaginable.

2. Matt Plain Series

Matt Plain Series

The Freedom Ceramics Matt plain series includes the best of the Matt finish in ideal porcelain tile sizes. Matt finish tiles are popular in both interiors and exteriors due to their durability and strength. One advantage of matt finish tiles that are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens is that their rough surface renders these tiles excellent traction, providing good slip-resilient characteristics.

A matt finish tile is that it has a very strong personality. Matt styles frequently have an organic and earthy vibe to them, so choose a surface or design that complements the décor plan. Be it the earthy brown or natural stone appearance, these matt finishing tiles are a perfect addition to a décor accompanied by the advantages of porcelain.

3. Wooden Series

Wooden Series

Freedom Ceramic is home to the finest wood-look tiles in the industry and that is evident with their huge collection of porcelain floor tiles 60 x 60 cm in the Wooden Series. Their Wooden series tiles are the ideal response for clients who wish to own hardwood tiles but cannot afford them or can’t deal with their maintenance. 

It enables you to experience the attractiveness of conventional wooden floors without having to worry about upkeep and related expenditures. Their wood tile flooring is composed of incredibly resilient substances such as porcelain, allowing them to endure longer and handle greater footfall than genuine wood without sustaining the very same wear and tear.

2by2 porcelain floor Tiles Price

Freedom Ceramics manufactures and supplies the finest quality porcelain 2 x floor tiles at the most affordable prices. Their prices range from Rs. 50 to Rs 350 per sq. ft

Even though they have one of the most innovative and superior quality porcelain tiles, Freedom Ceramic has stayed true to its commitment to reaching out to maximum customers in the Indian domestic market along with the much broader and more demanding global market. Their 2by2 floor tiles are one of the most cost-effective and stunning décor solutions out there.

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