The popularity of porcelain as a variety of tiles has skyrocketed in the past few years. Freedom ceramic is glad to be a part of the process as we have been a leading Manufacturer of Porcelain Tiles for many years at Stretch.

While porcelain flooring has various advantages, it also depends on how the 2×4 Porcelain floor Tiles Exporter has been able to modify the versions each time to make them more aligned with the requirements of the global customers.

It has been a long journey since the company started to serve as a 2×4 Porcelain Tiles exporter. Over the years, there have been many changes in the collection, beginning from finishes to different series. Right now, we are the Best company when it comes to tiles manufacturing.  

Leading Exporter of 2X4 Porcelain Floor Tiles

Manufacturing the tiles after creating the perfect designs is an elaborate and complex procedure that needs the masterminds to work in harmony. At Freedom Ceramics, we have experts at work who apply industrial knowledge and expertise to find out the right manufacturing procedures.

Let us share some of the characteristics that distinguish our company as the Best Exporter Of Porcelain tiles From India.

Quality #1: We are adept at understanding the needs of the international market. The demands of customers change depending on the country and its environment, especially when it comes to tiles. We have to perceive the requirements of the clients and implement the necessary designs for upgrading the products.

Quality #2: our team always adheres to the professional ethics of the international market. It is not an easy job to secure the tag of best Exporter in the industry amidst such stiff competition all around. But we have achieved a reputation because we maintain ethics.

Quality #3: At no cost do we compromise the quality of the products. We like to be popular as the top Exporter of best quality of tiles,  instead of getting complaints about quality issues. Our reviews and recommendations show how we have prospered over the years. That is why the demand for the small 2×4 porcelain Floor Tiles is equal to that of the bigger slabs, as our quality is constant.

Different sizes of Porcelain Floor Tiles

Many property owners wonder why the companies are manufacturing a wide range of dimensions for porcelain tiles. We want to clarify the reasons that make us focus on points that our products are Also Available in 300mm x 600mm, and 600mm x 600mm sizes.

The selection of the size of the tiles depends on various factors like the place for installation, size of the space, the carpet area, and more. Have you ever wondered why there is a recent craze among homeowners for the 600×1200 mm Porcelain Tiles manufacturer? Let us explain.

  • The large format tiles can visually extend the indoor environment to a great extent. You can induce the feeling of a large space among the visitors while the space is actually not so big.
  • The consistency of size of our popular products like the 600mm x 600mm tiles make them a versatile option for different applications. You can install them on the walls, or floors, on work tables, countertops, and even in outdoor decorative spaces. 
  • We always encourage our customers to try the  60cm x 120cm Porcelain Tiles that can allow the coating with the help of a small number of pieces. As this will translate into a lower number of groupings, the visual level of uniformity will be high. 
  • Installation of the 2×4 Porcelain floor Tiles is not difficult, but the outcome brings about a crisp and smart look, especially when you put them in commercial spaces. 

When you want an unhindered look, you have to aim for the bigger tiles that will help t0p cover up larger extensions seamlessly. The blend is essential, especially when you want the perfect technical assistance in creating the visual grandeur. 

Different series Of Porcelain Floor Tiles

As you know well, technological progress is responsible for the present complicated and nuanced aspects that you witness in tile designing. At Freedom Ceramic, we have come up with a few series of tiles depending on different finishes. 

Let us introduce you to the two of the most common series. 

#1: Marble Look Series

Marble Look Series

We, being the Best manufacturer of tiles, have combined the strength of porcelain tiles with the stunning aesthetic of precious stones to create a new way of architectural design.

Marble porcelain sizes never fail to seduce property owners and interior designers. 

We have all the sizes available like 300mm x 600mm and 600mm x 600mm.

  • Zero need for maintenance and care
  • Extreme resistance to higher temperatures and stains.
  • Resistant to chemical damages
  • Higher durability
  • Non-porous surface.

Therefore, it has become a versatile option for complex applications like kitchens and bathrooms.

#2. Wooden Look Series

Wooden Look Series

And now, we bring to you another interesting option from our company, the wood look porcelain tiles that are available even in the dimensional category of 600mm x 1200mm.

  • Immune to wear and tear
  • Available at the Best price, with complete resistance to water damage. 
  • A variety of themes is available owing to the different finishes of Porcelain tiles. 

So, we are offering a series of products that will not only need minimal maintenance but will also be available in a huge range of sizes. 

Why is Freedom Ceramics the Best Manufacturing Company in India?

Freedom Ceramic has been working as a 2×4 Porcelain floor Tiles exporter apart from exporting various other dimensions and qualities of the tiles. But what makes us better as the tiles exporter is the quality control of products.

We know that earning a reputation as the leading tiles manufacturing company in India is a tough job. Once we secure the reputation, we make all efforts to maintain the track record. What we design is what people want all across the globe. The tiles in India have paved the way for innovation and creativity at every level.

We are the Best exporter offering the tiles at the Best Price. Contact us if you want to know more about our products. 

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