Interior designs reflect a significant impression in the minds of visitors. From enhancing your home appearance to upgrading your office looks, interior designs speak a lot about ambiance and energy around. Considering the minutest details in the world of interior design, tiles also contribute significantly to providing aesthetic appeal. Glazed Vitrified Tiles or GVT tiles have lately become famous among designers and homeowners for their elegance and versatility. 

With the widest choices in designs and patterns, GVT tiles can be easily customized as per your needs. The blog highlights some of the extraordinary features and benefits of GVT tiles, creating a significant impact on modern architecture and stirring the vibe of elegance and aesthetics to the next level. 

What are GVT Tiles?

GVT tiles are a kind of ceramic tiles, coated with a layer of glaze, creating a glossy finish that looks vibrant and brilliant. GVT tiles are typically known for their easy maintenance, and durability, and can replicate various materials like natural stone, concrete, and wood.  The nano-coating done on tile surfaces ensures they remain water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and bacteria-resistant. Whatever kind of projects you have for your home or office, GVT tiles can be applied everywhere.

What are GVT Tiles

Top Features of GVT Tiles That Can Enhance Your Interior Designs

Vivid Design Options and Aesthetics

GVT tiles have a variety of designs that can be printed on marble, wood, stone, geometric patterns, and more. With innumerable choices in designs, GVT tiles are available in various prints on its surface. You can also get customized printed designs to enhance the aesthetics of your living space with personalized photos. 

Versatility in Applications

Known for their versatility, GVT tiles can be installed in various places including residential, high-moisture areas, commercial spaces, and high-traffic areas. For residential buildings, these tiles are idle as they are highly durable and elegant in looks. Also, for commercial buildings, they are suitable for high-traffic areas. GVT tiles can also be applied for outdoor applications because they can withstand harsh sunlight, moisture, and weather changes. These glazed vitrified tiles are best-suitable for various applications. 

Easy to Maintain and Durable

GVT tiles have remarkable texture and shine good enough to make them aesthetically pleasing. They can be maintained for a long time with simple mopping and cleaning regularly. It can sustain heavy traffic due to its high durability. Even at high pressure, it can regain its attributes with infinite designs and patterns including diagonal configurations, mosaic art and offset patterns. 

Enhanced Comfort and Hygiene

If you want great comfort and hygiene on the floor, GVT tiles are a blessing. They have smooth surfaces for walking and can be comfortable for a longer time. They give a nice underfoot feel due to their polished appearance, providing a more cushioned feel than other types of tiles. 

In terms of hygiene, these tiles are unbeatable due to their non-porous feature. All types of liquids, dirt, or bacteria do not get absorbed so easily. They are simple to clean and maintain, keeping a hygienic environment with regular mopping. Due to its non-porous nature, it keeps the environment clean and free from germs, mold, and allergies. 

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

GVT tiles are manufactured from sustainable materials like clay, quartz, feldspar, etc. So they are less likely to harm the environment. Post-manufacturing, they undergo certain types of techniques that avoid waste production that can be harmful to the environment. In addition, GVT tiles have a very small amount of volatile organic compounds. These VOCs are dangerous substances dispersed in the air and spoil the indoor air quality. However, while manufacturing GVT tiles, extremely low VOC emissions are applied to enhance the interior air quality. Lastly, GVT tiles are recyclable, ensuring minimum environmental impact by using sustainable materials and energy-saving manufacturing processes. 

Multiple Range of Design Options with GVT Tiles

Here are how GVT tiles enhance the beauty of interior designs and can create a remarkable impact on modern architecture:


GVT tiles can seamlessly mimic numerous types of looks such as marble, hardwood, cement, etc. You can experiment with a range of designs, patterns, and styles to make them more vibrant and vivid.

Custom Patterns

All types of GVT tiles can be customized with intricate designs and patterns. They can be used for creating mosaic-like floor tiles, custom medallions, and accent walls. 

Large Format Tiles

If you want your space to look enormous, you can use large format size GVT tiles to create a seamless and visually appealing surface having very less grout lines. 

Marble and Stone Beauty

There are a few types of GVT tiles that can mimic the natural stone or marble look to give a touch of luxury and elegance to your interiors. Generally, such tiles are used for bathrooms, entryways, and kitchens.

Wood-Look GVT Tiles

Wood-look GVT tiles give a warm, rustic, and cozy feel and appear like real wood. They need zero maintenance and can be used in living room, kitchen, or home offices.

Industrial Chic with Concrete-look

Elevating industrial aesthetics can be your entrepreneurial dream which GVT Tiles can fulfill for sure. Since some of their designs resemble concrete, they look apt for contemporary huge spaces and give an urbanized look.

Mix and Match

The mix-and-match GVT tiles are nothing but a combination of textures and patterns to give an aesthetic and modern look to your stunning interiors. 

Lighting and Decor

Well-lit spaces with dim and subtle lights can amplify the beauty of GVT tiles to the next level. It creates a harmonious and well-balanced ambiance, keeping you cozy and comfortable. 

Creating Focal Point

GVT tiles can help you create a focal point in your room. If there is a feature wall or well-designed backsplash, GVT tiles used here can give considerably impact your interiors.

Creating Focal Point


If you choose GVT tiles for your home or office project, you are meeting with the most innovative design possibilities for your interior spaces. Whatever kind of look you want, classic and elegant or modern and state-of-the-art, GVT tiles are the best option. They can add versatility and adaptability to your vision, making it come true.

You can recklessly choose to experiment with different designs and try hands on your creativity skills, leading to an innovative masterpiece that we will help you make it possible. Elevate the beauty of your home with the unique texture and colors of your choice with GVT tiles. Check out our collection of Freedom Ceramic to get the best quality GVT tiles. We never compromise on quality and use the best eco-friendly processes and materials while manufacturing.