Choosing the best flooring tiles for your living space can be overwhelming. There are innumerable options available in the market. However, if you are looking for durable tiles that are appealing and affordable, porcelain tiles are the best choice. Over a decade, porcelain tiles have acquired tremendous popularity for various reasons. Freedom  Ceramic recognizes the significance of its quality and aesthetics in all types of flooring solutions. 

The blog delves into a wide range of benefits that you can have by choosing porcelain tiles for your lifetime. Read on to understand the reasons why porcelain tiles are the elegant flooring option, blending a perfect mix of durability, practicality, and style. 

What are Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are a unique subset of ceramic tiles, presenting distinctive characteristics in terms of utility and composition. They are made out of clay and undergo firing, by providing extremely hot temperatures. This intensive manufacturing process makes these tiles denser and less porous.

They are robust and durable because of high-temperature firing. Hence, consider this as a key differentiator that provides the utmost sturdiness, not found in the entire flooring industry. In comparison to ceramic tiles, which are only appropriate for light to moderate foot traffic, porcelain tiles are far more strong and can withstand extreme conditions. Its low porosity contributes to longevity and ease of maintenance, making it resistant to moisture, wear, and stains. 

Hence, all these types of attributes like low maintenance, durability, high resistance, and aesthetic versatility make them the best choice for commercial as well as residential flooring requirements.

What are Porcelain Tiles

Top 11 Benefits of Choosing Porcelain Tiles 

Longevity and Durability

This is the most outstanding benefit of porcelain tiles. They are remarkably durable and are designed to stand the test of time. Resistant to wear and tear, scratches, and chips, porcelain tiles can withstand high-traffic areas. They do not show considerable signs of aging and can have an impressive lifespan from 20 to 50 years depending on the quality of materials used. If they are installed properly, they need very little maintenance.

Stain and Water Resistant

The low porosity feature of porcelain tiles helps absorb very little moisture. Hence, they are chosen more over other types of tiles as they are best suitable for areas that are prone to water exposure like bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and kitchens. Due to their enormous moisture-resistant capacity, they do not get stains and spills can be easily removed. Stains and spills easily sit on the surface and do not seep in. Hence they can be easily cleaned up and appear shining and bright always. 

Versatile Designs

Porcelain tiles are available in enormous volumes of designs, sizes, and colors in the market. It depends on what kind of choices you have. They are available in traditional looks, modern and unconventional designs, and anything that can be a combination of both. As they do not fade easily even in direct sunlight, the colors of the tiles stay as fresh and shiny as ever. 

Low Maintenance Cost

We want to mention this benefit separately as we strongly believe that the ease of maintenance enjoyed by our customers by choosing porcelain tiles over other types of tiles is exceptional. They need very little effort to clean and stay attractive. By sweeping or vacuuming regularly or occasionally mopping with mild detergent, they lose dirt and debris. With these small efforts, they remain always in the top condition. In addition, you can save time over other options as it is a hygienic choice for the environment.

Eco-friendly Option

We live in an era where conserving the environment and protecting it from pollution is a major concern. In such a scenario, porcelain tiles are the most eco-friendly choice because of their versatile composition and lifecycle. They are manufactured from natural earthy materials and so they align well with sustainable practices. Porcelain tiles are free from chemicals and ensure a safe living environment. The most important feature of these tiles is they can be recycled post-use, to minimize environmental footprint. In this way, we can conserve a lot of resources and reduce waste. In addition, porcelain tiles come with an extended lifespan as compared to other types of tiles. In addition, the advanced manufacturing technologies enable an energy-efficient production process, reducing the overall environmental impact. 


The primary cost of porcelain tiles is somewhat higher as compared to other flooring options. This is because of their longevity and durability. They need fewer repairs, special maintenance balances, or replacements. All this balances the initial investment, keeping the cost-effective option valid enough to highlight. 

More Hygienic

Porcelain tiles are resistant to household chemicals and can be cleaned with mild scrubbers and mops. It does not need harsh cleaners. 

Can Mimic Other Materials

Porcelain tiles can easily mimic other kinds of tile materials like Glossy, Matt and wood, etc. Due to this exclusive feature, porcelain tiles are considered beautiful and exceptional, needing very less maintenance and durability challenges. Their versatile designs make them the best choice for those who want to personalize their space.

Mimic Other Materials


Porcelain Tiles offered by Freedom Ceramic are a harmonious blend of low maintenance, durability, eco-friendliness, and design versatility. They endure the toughest climate conditions and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Giving an aesthetic appeal to your residential as well as commercial space, these tiles are a remarkable choice for applying at different places. If you are renovating your home, establishing a new office, or looking for a durable flooring option, Freedom Ceramic porcelain tiles are the unique option. 

Our exclusive offerings are extraordinary and stand apart from other manufacturers. We provide long-lasting and high-quality porcelain tiles that can sustain value over time in terms of style and functionality. We provide a diverse range of designs, colors, patterns, and shades that can match your diverse tastes and architectural demands.